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Lush Solid Shampoo Bar

Since LUSH is pretty far away from where I live, I tend to not visit often. But when I do i end up wanting to buy the whole store. One of the new products I purchased was their solid shampoo bars. All the employees were raving about it so I thought, why not give it a go? Let me just tell you that it did not disappoint. It created a lot of shine and volume. From the heavenly scent to the incredible feeling of cleanliness after my hair dried I was impressed every step of the way :)    

 Any recommendations for my next visit to Lush?

The lush canadian website:

Falling for Autumn

Fall is coming, and with it the time for warm knit sweaters, cozy blankets, tea and candles. I was feeling in a pretty festive mood so I decided to try to spread some fall cheer to those of you who aren't as exited about the cold (As for the people on the other side of the world who are wearing tank tops and shorts right now, lucky you :)

       One of my favourite things to wear are baggy sweaters. Sadly, I'm not much of a sweatpants person but you can never go wrong with knit sweaters. They are the most cozy thing in the world and they look amazing too... most of the time. Speaking of incredibly cozy things, don't forget about fuzzy socks to keep your feet warm on the cold nights, especially if your heating sucks.

       Another huge favourite for me is candles. I have a bunch of them. I know there are people in the world right now with a room stacked full of candles but I really don't need as much as I have. Unfortunately, my will power is very weak so every t…

Top three mascaras

Mascara is essential whether you are just starting out with makeup and want to go for a natural look or are a makeup guru and want big, bold looking lashes. Over time I have experimented with a few different brands and formulas. It's really hard to find mascara for me because for some reason I always end up looking like a racoon at the end of the day with tonnes of smudged mascara under my eyes. These three mascaras seem to work best for me though:

    The Maybelline Mega Push mascara is the most natural looking of the three. It adds lots of volume but not much length, it barely clumps and stays on for an average amount of time (for me it's about 4 hours). The Dior Blackout Waterproof is definitely a bit more on the pricy side, but it is amazing. The mascara goes on without any clumps, it lasts me all day and it makes my lashes look so much more voluminous and a bit longer. Lastly, the Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express mascara is the most bold of the three. It gives you …