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Lush Solid Shampoo Bar

   Since LUSH is pretty far away from where I live, I tend to not visit often. But when I do i end up wanting to buy the whole store. One of the new products I purchased was their solid shampoo bars. All the employees were raving about it so I thought, why not give it a go? Let me just tell you that it did not disappoint. It created a lot of shine and volume. From the heavenly scent to the incredible feeling of cleanliness after my hair dried I was impressed every step of the way :)    

 Any recommendations for my next visit to Lush?

The lush canadian website:


  1. I have this one and also love it! I was kind of tempted by their cinnamon scented shampoo bar last time I visited, but I need to use this one up first. I can highly recommend their bath stuff, as it smells amazing and is a real treat to bath in.

  2. Me too and I also heard their squeaky green shampoo bar is good too. Thank you for the recommendation :)


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