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Top three mascaras

  Mascara is essential whether you are just starting out with makeup and want to go for a natural look or are a makeup guru and want big, bold looking lashes. Over time I have experimented with a few different brands and formulas. It's really hard to find mascara for me because for some reason I always end up looking like a racoon at the end of the day with tonnes of smudged mascara under my eyes. These three mascaras seem to work best for me though:

    The Maybelline Mega Push mascara is the most natural looking of the three. It adds lots of volume but not much length, it barely clumps and stays on for an average amount of time (for me it's about 4 hours). The Dior Blackout Waterproof is definitely a bit more on the pricy side, but it is amazing. The mascara goes on without any clumps, it lasts me all day and it makes my lashes look so much more voluminous and a bit longer. Lastly, the Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express mascara is the most bold of the three. It gives you the appearance of extremely long lashes (well at least for me) and can pull together a whole make up look. But beware the waterproof formula is exptrmely hard to wash off even with makeup wipes.

Keep in mind some of the mascaras that work for me might not work for you and if you have tried one of these, what is your opinion on it?


  1. Great post lovely, I love the mega plush, but the rocket volume express..I wanted it to work for me so bad, with all of the amazing raving reviews thay I've seen online, tbh I can't really pin point what it is that I don't like about it :-( The Dior blackout waterproof sounds lovely though.
    Keep it up xx

  2. I find the rocket express is my favourite out of the three but even that is sometimes good? Like I find once the tube is opened and exposed to air it's not as effective as the start - if that makes sense. Ive tried just the dior show one but am looking to try another of their mascaras as I loveee the size of the wands. Great post!

    Bf Gf Does Blogging

    1. thank you and your posts are amazing too :)

  3. I have the Mega Plush but it didn't wow me unfortunately, I didn't like how bendy the brush was! I have The Rocket unopened for when I need a new mascara, can't wait to crack into it!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you for commenting and I hope you end up liking The Rocket :)

  4. I haven't tried the Rocket Volume mascara, but if it give you longer lashes...I must try it!

    1. Thank you for commenting and if you do try The Rocket I hope you like it :)

  5. I haven't tried any, but the one on the right has the best presentation!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  6. I agree! The shape is a bit more unique than the others and the colours and very vibrant but as cheesy as it sounds its what on the inside that counts :) and you have a great blog I just recently started following you.

  7. Maybelline is one of my favorite mascara brands. I don't think I've tried these yet, but I love the Falsies :)

    Awesome post! Thanks for stopping my blog :)

    xo, Pear

    1. Mine too!! And I'm going to assume you meant following or stopping by so in that case no problem :) and thank you for commenting


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