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St. Ives scrubs

A while back I was out shopping with a friend and we ended up stopping by shoppers at the end of our trip. Of course I completely forgot about the fact that I ran out of face scrub and was left with only  a bit of money. Luckily this lovely little green tea scrub was on sale, so I thought might as well try it. And I cannot even exlain to you how much I loved it. I'm not going to say that it is a miracle or that it's better than every high end skin care product but it did work well for me and after a few days I noticed an improvement with my skin. Fast forward two months and I ran out so I went to get some more. Since I loved them so much I thought I would share with whomever is reading and having a bit of trouble with their skin. I usually follow it up with a moisturizer like you would with any other scrub and use it about 4 times a week. Highly recommend it, of course everybodies skin is different and you just have to see what's best for you.  If you have any other skin …