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Nails inc. London
Feathers- Brighton

For the past while when visiting sephora and shoppers I have seen this nail polish and have been attracted to it. Let start off withe the packaging. It is so cute! On the lid there is a bird in the colours of the nail polish and white feathers in the background. Speaking of feathers how creative is that. That's what I love about nails inc they have a bunch of creative nail polishes like sprinkles and leather effects.  There were a few flaws with the nail polish but if done right they could be so nice. One thing about them is that they are really messy. Since these are just really long peices of glitter made to look like feathers they stick out at the edges a bit. It's an easy fix but it takes a bit of patience. Also I recommend that you do a base colour instead of just layering it up on your nails because like any other glitter polish some places will be more sparse than others. In the picture above I layered it on top of Essie mint candy a…

The Versatile Blogger Award

So first off all, for those of you who have no clue what it is the versatile blogger award is, it a way for readers to get to know the blogger a bit more and the other way around too.
Thank you so much to  Bebhinn ( ) who nominated me. Her blog is amazing so check it out if you have some free time. Pretty much how this works is that is you are nominated you have to :
1. Put the Versatile Blogger award badge on your blog.
2. Write 7 facts about yourself. 3. Nominate another 15 bloggers who you think have great blogs.
So without delaying my fact even further:
1. I was born in Ukraine and moved to Winnipeg when i was five, then after a year i moved to Toronto which is where i live now.
2. I have no idea what i want to do with my life. Everyone asks what university i'm going to, which courses i'm going to take and what i'm going to do with the rest of my life and i have no clue.
3. I am in love with Supernatural. I know i'm a little late with this…


Recently I've come across a bring that I really liked called simple. It's specifically targeted for sensitive skin but is great for anyone. On the left are simple cleansing facial wipes. They are great for when you're feeling to lazy or tired to use an actual cleanser. One thing I've noticed with most cleaners is that it leaves my skin incredibly dry and make my skin breakout, simple doesn't do that as much. They remove makeup amazingly, especially considering that I wear mostly waterproof makeup. That saying of course it doesn't come of with one swipe because it is just a drugstore product but i do love it.  Since I have extremely dry skin, especially in the winter, I was looking for a really moisturizing cream. After I tried it first my skin felt so soft... but the softness disappeared in like two hours and i was still left with some dry skin. With this product after a little while of using it you start to really see the difference with your skin. I'm su…

Treat Yourself

I'm not sure about you but when the holiday season comes around so does a bunch of stress. So when you're in need of bit or relaxation here are a few things you can use/ do.

Reading is a great way to relieve stress. Sometimes I can get so lost in a book I completely forget about my life and all the problems that come with it. I just finished Girl online a while ago and loved it, but really you have millions of books to choose from and if readings not your thing watching tv works too :) While in sephora I stopped by the philosophy section and was instantly drawn to the sparkly metallic looking bubble bath/ shower gel/ shampoo "Snow Angel". Not only is the colour beautiful but the scent is heavenly. Another one of my favourites this winter season is body works things in general, especially the beautiful day superfruit body scrub + wash. It left my skin so soft but I'm not sure I would recommend it for people with extremely sensitive skin. Moving onto the LUSH stuf…